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November 2020

Chief Convenor

7 Nov 2020

SPC Foundation Updates

Dear Alumni,
We would like to bring you the following news and annoucements:
1. SPC Foundation Updates
Dear Fellow Alumni,
I hope everyone is healthy and continue to stay well. Recently, I came across an old St. Paul’s Quarterly Magazine from 1931, the year the College celebrated its 80th Anniversary. Among the articles contributed by students, there was a particular one written by Tsoi Mong Yuk that I found most amusing and would like to share with you.
It was about Tsoi’s vision of how St. Paul’s would become when he was to return to his alma mater 50 years after graduation. His vision set at the year 1981, the 130th Anniversary of the College. He found that the school had a new school entrance with an iron gate between 2 strong columns. “St. Paul’ College 1851” was painted on a door plate above the gate which looked like the one at the “Government House”.

Similar to today’s need, students in 1931 wished to have more space for exercise. In Tsoi’s future world of 1981, the College had both basketball and volleyball courts and “a meadow for lawn tennis.” On both sides of the courts, “School rooms” designed by the “best of Architects,” “all two stories high, each with a balcony”. There was a gymnasium with so many “instruments for physical exercise” that it looked like a “machinery factory”. In Tsoi’s fantasy world, there was a “very spacious hall containing about eight hundred seats. Here, the boys assemble every morning and have their daily service”. To cap his mental journey, Tsoi was happy to find an “indoor swimming pool for the boys to use.” In closing, he wrote, “What a good old school it is, with a history of over a hundred years.”
It was interesting to see how a student in 1931, went on his imaginary trip into the future to tell us his dream campus. Coincidentally some of the features described are what the School Enhancement Project is trying to achieve. It includes a new and grand looking entrance with additional space for different activities; an all-weather indoor swimming pool; the creation of more space for music and sports practice; a gymnasium with modern equipments etc. It will be a premise our fellow alumni from the past would be proud of.
The major highlights of the second phase are the construction of the Entrance and Indoor Swimming Pool. To take a conservative approach, finance has to be secured for this phase before construction will commence. It is a very challenging goal in today’s environment, yet I am optimistic that it can still be realised with our fellow alumni digging deeper into their pockets. Among the many classes who have made contributions to Campaign Two, classes 1972 and 1975 are pursuing collective goals for the project. I hope other classes can follow the same footsteps.
Apart from the capital fund for the project, an Annual Giving Campaign will begin soon. The objective is to provide financial support for specific needs of students. One more time, let me stress that no matter how large or small your donation is, it is a showing of your care for St. Paul’s.
To start the ball rolling, the Annual Giving Committee is organising an Aroma Stone DIY e-Workshop online on Dec 13, 2020. It will be an enjoyable family activity and an opportunity to give to the Foundation. For further details, please refer to the information in this Newsletter.
With regards,

Ian Chan Yau Nam (’67)
Chief Convenor
St. Paul’s College Foundation

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