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Chairman's message - Join Us and Give Back to Alma Mater

Dear Alumni,



When we graduate and grow up, it is always undisputed to say that the good-old-days at school are one of the most treasured years of our lives. Overtime, we recognise the lessons learned at school and how they add value in our careers and our lives.

The St. Paul’s College Alumni Association exists to serve our alumni and, more importantly, to gather our alumni to give back to alma mater.

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We went through the difficult COVID period for the past 3 year. This year, we are going to celebrate the ‘170+2nd’ Anniversary of St. Paul’s College at the Grand Hall of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 3rd December 2023 - not just to look back and be thankful for what had been achieved in the past, but also to look forward to what the school and its alumni can do to make the community and the world a better place. Here I urge every of join us with the grand celebration.
Many alumni I have spoken to are immensely proud of the diversity of the SPC community: the diversity of background, interests, career and perspectives. In my class, apart from doctors and teachers, we have an internationally renowned floral designer. Among our alumni, we have a Buddhist monk as well as a Catholic bishop. This diversity has enriched the SPC heritage as it is passed down through the generations.

The mentorship programme is a key initiative of SPCAA. A lot of our alumni see it as a very meaningful way to give back to SPC. Much have changed since mentorship was first introduced in 2005. The idea of how interests, studies, work and career interact has evolved. Dinners and emails have become a less common way of communication among young people. With the world changing quickly, there are plenty of things that mentors can learn from mentees as it is the other way round. We are working on an updated mentorship programme that would meet the challenges and promises of previous years, and we are looking to your support.
We are very happy to have many young alumni in our committee. Their passion is testimony to the excellent education and the dedication of our teachers that have graced their lives as SPC students. The future of SPCAA depends greatly on our young alumni, and we must not let them down. We want to introduce events and communication channels that would suit their needs and interests as young adults. We want them to help our students to grow up as savvy and virtuous men. We hope our young alumni will feel at home at SPCAA as much as any other alumni do.
SPCAA has a mission to play a part in helping our alumni live a better life. Through sports, music and recreation activities, we celebrate brotherhood among alumni. Through singing, football, bridge, basketball…, many of us are still growing our lifelong interests that started brewing since our SPC days. We hope the public health situation in Hong Kong will soon allow us to resume the Watermelon Cup, the Chairman’s Cup, choir practice and many other activities that we are enthusiastically planning for. If there are activities that you want to see happening, please let us know. We are eager to have activities as diversified as our manpower allows.
SPCAA wants to encourage everyone to feel valued as a member of the SPC community, and we are grateful for the opportunity to foster friendship among alumni. It is an honour and privilege for me and my fellow committee members to serve you all. We hope to see you more in our activities. 

All the best.
With warm regards,
Sam Chiu
Class of 1997

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