SPCAA Running Singlet 165th Anniversary Special Edition - "BROTHERS HERE WE RUN TOGETHER"
SPCAA Running Singlet 165th Anniversary Special Edition - "BROTHERS HERE WE RUN TOGETHER"

It has been two years since the launch of our very first SPCAA Running Singlet. To celebrate our alma mater's 165th Anniversary, we are glad to present the 165th Anniversary Special Edition singlet - "BROTHERS HERE WE RUN TOGETHER"! The design is set out below:


Product Details:

  • Brand: Technical03
  • Fit: Tight Fit and Loose Fit are available
  • Size: 4XS ~ XXL (please refer to the size chart provided)
  • Material: 100% man-made high quality fibre good for making running singlets
  • Price: HK$220 each

Tight Fit Size Chart: 4XS ~ XXL


Loose Fit Size Chart: 4XS ~ XXL


Product Features

  • Lightweight fibre
  • Customize with your name printed (English only, limited to 15 capital letters). You can also choose not to print your name.
  • The colours of the running men in the front represent the 6 colours of our SPC Houses, namely Banyan, Gingko, Oak, Pine, Rosewood and Yew.
  • The postures of the running men show the proper technique to run efficiently and faster
  • Technical03 Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Technical03-101573386628882


  • Please choose your desired fit and size, your preferred way of collection, then proceed to PayPal for payment
  • You will receive an acknowledge email from PayPal, please keep this email for your record


The singlets are expected to be ready for collection after Christmas. You can choose:

  1. Self-pickup at Watermelon Cup game days in January at school, exact dates are to be confirmed; or
  2. Deliver by SF Express at office hours (courier charge is to be paid by recipient to SF Express upon delivery); or
  3. For overseas order which needs special delivery through postage, or need us to hold the singlet for your collection later when you come back to Hong Kong, please kindly send a whatsapp message to Clement at +852 9042 8068 before you place your order online.


Order Now

Name to be printed: (optional, English only, Max. of 15 CAPITAL letters)


Delivery method:

Delivery address at office hours:
(For SF Express delivery. Please note that courier charge is to be paid by the recipient upon delivery)


Contact Name:

Mobile No.:

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